Tutorial "Java Process Application" Form failure: Unsuccessful HTTP response

Hi, I tried to do the tutorials with the new 7.14 version. I use Java 11 and eclipse 2020-09. I start and deploy to tomcat 9 (which is included in camunda community edition )via eclipse.

Everything works fine till I try to add the html files to the project:
I can not find the mistake. Where can I find more information about the error?

Thank you a lot

Have you checked the Camunda logs from the webapp server? I would expect to see a stacktrace in your tomcat logs ($TOMCAT_DIR/logs/catalina.out).

Thanks for your reply.
I would expect to see a stacktrace too but there was nothing.
I think it relates with the following thing: I tried to start und stop the tomcat server via eclipse. I had some problems with it and I changed some configurations. Now I downloaded the platform again and now it works (without eclipse at the moment).