Trying to run camunda project not working in Windows 10

I’m trying to run camunda project. My local starts up fine but when I click on Admin or Cockpit getting below error
"Uncaught Error: Script error for “admin-plugin-adminPlugins/plugin” in console logs

It is happening in all browsers IE 11,Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

Can you explain more details about your setup?
What have you deployed, are you running tomcat or spring boot etc.

Also - can you take a look in the Camunda logs to see if there are any errors there.

We are using Spring boot and Apache Tomcat 9.0.34. The same application is working fine in Mac but not in Windows. There are no error in the logs.

Spring boot itself provides runtime with embedded tomcat (tomcat as a service). Then why are you deploying the spring boot application into tomcat?

Have you configured the pom.xml for the tomcat dependency with provided scope to run the spring boot war in the external tomcat server?

Resolved .It was issue with Intellij configuration.