Throwing a signal throws a NullPointerException

Hi all,

I have a process definition catching a signal at an intermediate event and throwing the same signal at the end event of the same process definition as shown in this cawemo example

My problem is, I start a first process instance, this process instance take an arbitrary time to execute because of “some task”. A second process instance is started and waiting at “wait current execution ended”.
When the first process instance is ended, the second one is never notified, therefore, when I GET /engine-rest/event-subscription I’m able to see the signal subscription and when I POST /engine-rest/signal?name=XXX camunda is throwing a NullPointerException :    : ENGINE-REST-HTTP500 java.lang.NullPointerException

After a little inspection it seems that SignalDto is null and I don’t understand why…

Thanks in advance for your help.