The I/O specification not show when add plugin 'camunda-modeler-process-io-specification-plugin'

I add the plugin ‘camunda-modeler-process-io-specification-plugin’ to Camunda Modeler v4.5.0 but the I/O specification not show after I put the plugin to: ~/Library/Application Support/camunda-modeler/plugins/,
steps to reproduce

  1. download Camunda Modeler V4.5.0 ( and install
  2. copy “camunda-modeler-process-io-specification-plugin” to: ~/Library/Application Support/camunda-modeler/plugins/ (this plugin download on
  3. open Camunda Modeler
    do you have any ideas? thank you

It’s probably best to ask this question on the BPMN.IO forum.

[Edit] for those looking for an answer to this OP created this post in the other forum.

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