Textarea in embedded show no content of variable


code is :
< /textarea >

Variable “history” is not empty. But the textarea doesn’t show its content.
Although I write comments in textarea, it show nothing when this task is send to another user.

Whole code is:

Can anybody help?


Hi @tzju1111,

when you use a textarea with a cam-variable-name attribute, make sure that there is no whitespace between the opening and closing tag. In your example there is a newline, which is treated as default value for the textarea. When there is already a default value for the textarea, the value specified in the cam-variable-name attribute will not be applied in order to not overwrite this default value.

To fix this remove the whitespace or use a self-closing tag <textarea ... />

Does this help you?

Best regards


Thanks so much.
<textarea … /> completely solved my problem