Tasks getting lost if I make a typo in the Modeler


I am testing Camunda to see whether our consulting business can use it when helping our customers. I attempted to make a simple typo in the “Assignee” field in the modeler and discovered that it has seemingly grave implications. It is my first day of testing, so I might have missed something really basic.

In this case I am attempting to assign a task to a non-existing person in the Camunda Modeler: https://www.screencast.com/t/dKJswnRuXX (video)

As you can see, I do not get any error messages about this, and one of the tasks that get created get assigned to the non-existing user, while the other apparently does not get assigned to any user. In addition, these tasks are marked as “assigned to user” in the view used to investigate processes.

Please note that I investigated the catalina.log file, where error messages from the deployment of Camunda Models to the engine are placed, and there is also no note there of this error.


This is expected behavior - if you programmatically assign a task for a given user id, it will not check if that user exists already. This is because in a lot of cases people do not use camunda’s own tables for storing users and may only want to use the assignee field after it has been validated by a 3rd party system.


Thanks a lot for your reply! That makes sense. Is there any easy way to enforce that no task will ever be “left behind” and not get assigned to anyone. I see this as crucial if I would use Camunda for critical processes. I guess this would be achieved with custom database queries, is there any other way?