TaskListener Issue


I have defined a task listener and attached it to my user tasks in the workflow.
Using the timer, I am returning successfully to the log when the user submits the task late.

When I ran this through intellij as a springboot project it works fine.
However when I ran the camunda.bat file after copying in the war of my project,
from the same workflow I am presented with the following issue:
Engine 09008 Exception while instantiating the task listener.
It cannot load the class.

In the modeler I have it attached as a Java Class with the correct reference path to the class.

How can I resolve this error?

Thanks for your time,

For further clarity I have received the following errors:

03051 exception invoking task listener
09008 exception instantiating class
09017 cannot load class

My task listener class has been set properly in the workflow and it worked correctly when I ran the springboot project from intellij.

I even referred to the documentation and set the tasks as ‘async before’ as was also recommended in a camunda online talk troubleshooting this same issue.

Would appreciate any help on this matter.

Thanks for your time,