Tasklist plugin wont work (require.js error)

Hi at all,
I build a very simple sprimgboot process application to test my cockpit and tasklist plugin.
I followed this link https://github.com/camunda-consulting/code/tree/master/snippets/springboot-customized-webapps to add my cockpit and tasklist plugin to the springboot webapps library.
For the cockpit plugin I am currently using this example https://github.com/camunda/camunda-bpm-examples/tree/master/cockpit/cockpit-sample-plugin. And this works fine.
For the tasklist plugin I copied the cockpit code and adjusted the code to make it a taslist plugin.
However when I am opening tasklist, the enigne does not stop loading and the console shows following error:

Does anybody have any ideas on this?

Okay I got an idea why this error appears:
When I take a tasklist plugin like this https://github.com/camunda-consulting/code/tree/master/snippets/tasklist-plugin-detail-iframe and put this in my springboot jar, then its working fine. However when I try to rename something in the iframe-plugin code, the error from above appears again.

Are there some naming conventions that are missing in the documenation? Are there hidden places that I forgot to rename?