Tasklist Filter Auto-Refresh Issue


I have created a filter in the Tasklist to display all the tasks assigned to a particular user. I have checked the ‘Auto-Refresh’ option in the filter.

I notice that in many cases, the Auto-Refresh feature is not getting fired correctly, ie. after starting a task and it being assigned to my user (using #{user_Requestor}), the task does not appear in the filter. I have to click on the ‘My Task’ filter to refresh and show the task. Sometimes the task appears after around 10s.

Similarly sometimes after I have completed the task, the task seems to remain in the Tasklist menu, if you click on it, you get an error that informs the task does not exist. If you click on the filter instead, it refreshes and the task disappears.

Any suggestion on how to over come this issue is much appreciated. I use v7.11.1

Hi @etp,

the Auto-Refresh option refreshes the List of Tasks every 10 seconds… and that’s all it does. I see that a refresh after certain actions such as starting Tasks, Processes or changing Tasks can be desirable as well.

Unfortunately I don’t see an easy way to fix it on your end that does not require a custom webapp build. As you are using the EE version, you can raise a Feature Request with Support :slight_smile:

Hope this clears it up

Hi @martin.stamm,

Thanks for the update. I have created a feature request CAM-10944.

Since I assume a feature request will take it’s own time to get implemented, is there any workaround to reduce the refresh time from 10s? Probably an edit in the Tasklist UI component or edit some parameter in the engine db?

Hi @etp,

the refresh time is hard-coded here: https://github.com/camunda/camunda-bpm-webapp/blob/master/ui/tasklist/client/scripts/controller/cam-tasklist-app-ctrl.js#L70

You can also create a custom script which triggers the refresh on the root scope in intervals. This way you don’t have to build the whole webapps.