TASK_WORK in Camunda Tasklist


I want to give only TASK_WORK authorization to a user so that the user should only be able to claim the task and complete the task.

I tested this in Camunda Tasklist. The user is still able to change the assigned user of the tasks. Is this a bug or did I misunderstand the TASK_WORK authorization?

From the documentation:
The intuition behind “Task Work” is that it only authorizes the user to work on a task (i.e., claim and complete it) but not assign it to another user or in another way “distribute work” to colleagues.

Hi @elif,

The authorization you have referred to works only with resource Id being set to a task Id or * but doesn’t work when resource Id is set to a process definition key “invoice”.

I guess what you are looking for is to set default task permission to be Task Work instead of Task Update


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