Task Filter multiple "nameLike"



is there a way to combine several “nameLike” expressions to be used in a task filter?

E.g. there are task names with the prefix (where xxx indicates variables, different in each task name)

  • TASK_Axxx
  • TASK_Bxxx
  • TASK_Cxxx
  • TASK_Dxxx
  • TASK_Exxx

Now, I want to create a filter to only get TASK_A, TASK_B and TASK_C.
In the Tasklist, when creating a filter using the “nameLike” I can only define one “nameLike” criteria. When I add more of this criteria, there is an error message that this criteria must be unique.

Since 7.7 (found in the REST API doc) there is a new criteria available: “nameNotLike” but this criteria can also only be used once in a filter.

When creating a new filter (Tasklist app) I also saw the option if ALL/ANY citerias should met in the Tasklist 7.8 application, but still there is an error message if I add more than one criterias of the same “key” e.g. “nameLike”.

On one side, the new criterias “nameNotLike” and “nameNotEquals” are not available in the Tasklist GUI when creating a filter.
On the other side, I cannot find the ALL/ANY option in the REST API doc.

My most important question:
How can I achive to crate a task filter for getting TASK_A to C using Camunda 7.8?



Hi @TheFriedC,

you can use the nameLike query parameter via the Rest API: https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.8/reference/rest/task/get-query/

Or you have the possibility to create the filter in the task list (click on the text Create a filter + on the left side) with the criteria nameLike. It is right, that you can add it only once. But with this query parameter, you get all task which contains the criteria value.
For more details see https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.8/webapps/tasklist/filters/



Thank you @kristin.

How would you write the criteria to get all tasks with name

  • TASK_Axxx and
  • TASK_Bxxx and
  • TASK_Cxxx

within a single filter?


I solved this issue by using orQueries which are available since Camunda 7.8



Hi @TheFriedC,
can you share the orQuery you used to make this work?

Thanks a lot,


Hi, @Erez_Sharim

sorry for the late answer. To be honest - I did not implement my task filter yet but thought that orQueries would be the solution.
Now I wanted to provide you an answer and apparently “orQueries” are only the solution on first sight.

Given the documentation:

A filter criterion related to variables can be applied multiple times within the same OR query

This is what I expected to do with the “nameLike” criterion.

Whenever a non-variable-filter-criterion is used more than once inside a query, only the value which was applied last is utilized.

So this is not useful for my case.

Maybe I will solve this problem by using a native query