Task description



we have the need to provide description for each task within a process. I was wondering if there is any standard way of doing it. For example providing a description in the actual process as label or something, so the users can see what every step means.



Hi @Dieppa1

You can define task description


And user can view it from tasklist app (by opening the description tab of the user form)



Hi @Dieppa1,

It’s part of each element in the property panel of the modeler: (See the bottom of the image)

Hope this helps, Ingo


@Ingo_Richtsmeier are you referring Element documentation??


Thanks everyone. Very helpful


Hi @aravindhrs, yes.


Thanks everyone.

another quick question? In the documentation property we’d like to have a clickable link, but we don’t see how we can do that. Is there a way of doing it?


It is a text property… not html… so you couldn’t add links…