Support for various MariaDB versions?



I was wondering how strict the requirements are for various MariaDB versions.
For example, I’m using Camunda 7.7.0, and I see that 10.0 is supported:


Would a 10.1.25 MariaDB server also work? It appears to in initial tests. Or is there some known issue with certain versions?



Hi Galen,

currently, there are no known issues related to MariaDB 10.1.x. We offer only support for MariaDB 10.0 because we run our tests against this version. But that doesn’t mean that Camunda doesn’t work with other versions.
If you see any issue then please report them :wink:

I also found an issue to support MariaDB 10.2 - CAM-8486.

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I just wanted to post an update to this thread.
We have successfully run with these MariaDB versions on Camunda:

  • 10.1.23
  • 10.1.25
  • 10.1.32
  • 10.2.13

However, when we recently upgraded to Camunda 7.10.0-alpha4, we found that 10.2.13 doesn’t work.

The symptom we see is that jobs are not being picked up by the job executor.
When we try 7.10.0-alpha4 with MariaDB 10.1.x, then everything is fine.

So I think 10.2 still might have some compatibility issues. When enabling TRACE logging on the Camunda code, we didn’t see any errors, but it just wasn’t picking up the jobs. We didn’t do a lot of trouble-shooting beyond this, but I just wanted to point this out.

This related ticket, might need to be updated:



Also, I just tested 10.3 with the latest Camunda, and it does not work.
I ended up downgrading back to 10.1, and now everything is fine.

So two main questions:

  1. This link states that 10.0, 10.2, and 10.3 works in the latest Camunda, which is in contradiction to my testing:

  2. I’m curious about why 10.1 was skipped over. Was there a particular flaw/problem with that one?



Hi Galen,

As documented in, MariaDB 10.2 (and I guess 10.3 as well) currently only work with the driver version ranges given there.

I’m curious about why 10.1 was skipped over. Was there a particular flaw/problem with that one?

I guess we skipped it because it wasn’t the latest MariaDB version at the time we updated our supported environments. Every supported database version requires extensive testing on our side.




One more question. What is the recommended version of the MariaDB driver to use?

I see that the JIRA ticket says “< 1.7 or < 2.1”, but I noticed that “1.1.8” is used in:

Would “1.1.8” be preferred, or can we go to the latest that is less than 2.1, such as “2.0.3”?



Hi Galen,

We basically use 1.1.8 because we didn’t really manage to stay on latest version. It is not the preferred or recommended version and we should move to a newer version in our CI anyway.

The only constraint for versioning is that which documents when JDBC batch processing is used. Other than, I’d go for the latest version of the driver. Using 1.1.8 would give you some extra safety in that it is the exact version we currently test with.



Using Mariadb 10.3.8 and mariadb-java.client 2.2.6, external tasks will also not be executed.