Support for more than one business calendar


Does Camunda supports more that one business calendar in a process definition?

We would like to use a custom Business Calendar per task. This means, for example, task A would use Business Calendar X to resolve its due date, and task B would use Business Calendar Z to resolve its due date.

Currently, we observed that we can set a custom business calendar to the engine, implementing the interface, but this will affect the due date result for all tasks in a given process definition.

Do you have any ideas of how we can achieve this?

Thanks in advance.



Take a look at this for a custom business calendar implementation that supports various implementations

The trouble with current Camunda impl is the timer calculation code is mostly hard coded to specific use cases and injection of new logic is painful: so mostly you need to completely replace some of the internal classes. The above code should give you a idea of some of the utility and where you need to make edits

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Here are some additional links which shown the internal replacements

Thanks @StephenOTT for your input!

A contribution was added to implement the behavior we are expecting in Camunda. You can check the details here: