`startableBy` Query Parameter


I see there are ‘candidateStarterUsers’ and ‘candidateStarterGroups’ Camunda Extension Attributes, and also a way to filter ProcessDefinitions with the ‘startableBy’ Query Parameter that seems to work against the ‘candidateStarterUsers’ attribute.

Is it possible to query against ‘candidateStarterGroups’ that are defined in the BPMN?

I also see that RepositoryService.addCandidateStarterUser() and RepositoryService.addCandidateStarterGroup() are deprecated. I’m wondering if I should rely on ‘startableBy’?

I also cannot figure out how to find out what the candidateStarterUser or Groups are for a definition - ‘getIdentityLinksForProcessDefinition()’ is deprecated as well.


Hello everyone,

exactly same question from me - noticed these two parameters in the modeller and only one filter parameter in the REST API query :slight_smile:



Via Rest Api the only option is to query by startableBy.
The engine checks if this user has identity link to the process OR he belongs to a group which has identity link to the process.

Is that what you were looking for?

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Hi Yana,

No, it is not our case. We use completely external storage for all business data, users, groups, permissions etc. and communicate with Camunda via REST API only, with only getting and setting few formal process variables (statuses etc., e.g. for gateway path decisions, timers…).
Camunda instance currently has only one user account (for monitoring purposes etc.). All tasks have only candidate groups if possible. Candidate groups for user tasks are set in process schemas at design time, user assignment - via tasks REST API at execution time…

Thus, i’ve interested with possibility of process start permission via our “external” groups :slight_smile:


Any updates concerning this topic ?

I’m also trying to get the “Candidate Starter Groups” from a process definition