Start timer event is not firing at scheduled time


I have created a sample bpmn process with timer start event.i wish to trigger the process at particular time.I have set the JobExecutorActivate to true(to the process engine).

After i deploy the process i’m suspecting to trigger the instance at scheduled time but it’s not happening…when i debug after deploying the process i got the job details as follow:

[TimerEntity[repeat=null, id=17106, revision=1, duedate=Thu Jul 05 09:46:00 UTC 2018, lockOwner=null, lockExpirationTime=null, executionId=null, processInstanceId=null, isExclusive=true, retries=3, jobHandlerType=timer-start-event, jobHandlerConfiguration=leaveapplicationprocessSample, exceptionByteArray=null, exceptionByteArrayId=null, exceptionMessage=null, deploymentId=17101]]

I’m going through camunda documentation.i’m not getting where its going wrong.
Can anyone help me with this problem

LeaveApplicationProcessSampleTest.bpmn (5.3 KB)




This thread may be of interest…




Hi Webcyberrob,
After doing the above change also i’m getting the same issue.
Can you please explain



When a timer becomes due, there may be some latency in the job firing due to the job executors sleeping, that’s the reference to the prior posts.

In your case, I note that you have set a due date using UTC. Your due date is even now, still in the future. Hence do you really meant to use UTC or do you mean to use your local timezone?




Hi Webcyberrob,
I’m trying to use UTC only,is there anything additional set up i have to do for UTC time zone.



No problem in using UTC. What I was trying to point out is the examples you give and your example process model used a start time in the future. Hence if you were expecting the process to start, you would have to wait until that future time, or change your system clock…




Hi Rob,
My system clock is in UTC and i’m scheduling the process within 5 minutes from deployment but still it’s not firing the start event.

When i’m checking the db,job data is added in act_ru_job_def also.Please have a look at configuration what i have added
lazy val configuration = {
val configuration = new StandaloneProcessEngineConfiguration()

private[processManager] lazy val processEngine: ProcessEngine = {

Once the time is elapsed and if i’m trying again to deploy the same process then the start event is firing and the continuing the process flow.

Help me with this !!!