Start and Complete User Task with REST API



Am newbie to Camunda. My feasibility study is to know the way to Start and Complete User task in whole with REST API.


  • Worker Request for Leave
  • Supervisor Grant/Rejects Leave
  • Intimation is send back to Worker

Process will be running in Camunda BPM and i will be using external application to capture the event and trigger the process.

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First start the process
query for the needed task
Then complete the task


For instance, this is my worflow

here Requester will be John and Approver will be Demo. How can i initiate the request with John credentials through API?


You can dynamically assign a task to a user by putting an expression in the Assignee field.

Then when your start the process you would add a variable called taskAssignee with the value of the user id.


Thanks @Niall,

By the way, is there any configuration to Start the Process by default when i start the Camunda BPM Platform tomcat. Because right now am starting the Platform tomcat then in camunda modeler am deploying every time and it creates a new instance every time.