Spring boot camunda web-app integration with Keycloak


Hello everyone.

I’m a new one in security stuff and a new one with Keycloak and Camunda. Nevertheless, I have to found the solution for integrating Keycloak SSO with Camunda Spring boot web app.

After searching I haven’t found a fast and ready-to-use solution(or maybe I didn’t recognize it as a solution).

The last thing which I found I want to use - GitHub project Single Sign-on for Camunda BPM Web app on Wildfly/JBoss AS7 (Container-based Authentication). It has Keycloak branch with description how to use.

But I’m not sure that this is my case.

Do you have any ideas on how to do it?


The solution was in other example of the camunda projects on github :sunglasses:
It’s a Spring boot Security SSO