Some process not displayed in cockpit



I’ve got a camunda deployment with:

  • Engine packaged in a Springboot app

  • Cockpit Standalone app in a Springoot app or in on a Tomcat server

  • mysql DB

I observed the two following problems:
-1) Some processes are not visible in the cockpit even though there are all deployed the same way using the following code:

public SpringProcessEngineConfiguration processEngineConfiguration() throws IOException {
	SpringProcessEngineConfiguration config = new SpringProcessEngineConfiguration();





	// deploy all processes from folder 'processes'
	Resource[] resources = resourceLoader.getResources("classpath:/processes/*.bpmn");

	return config;

-2) The second issue is that for some of the visible process I do not see in the cockpit instances of processes.

I must say though that the processes are there and instances for all of them can be created and work !
Any hints of why this is happening ?


Have you check if you have the required authorizations?


Thx Yana,

in fact the first pb was just due to the fact that I was looking for the Id of my process and instead the name are displayed in the cockpit processes screen.

I believe the second point (not being able to see instances of some processes) is related to the fact that the processes for which I could no t see their running instances are fully synchronous processes.