Signal/message events



It was my understanding I could kick off another process instance with a signal / message event. Whenever I create a new message / signal event it automatically assigns an ID. When I try to create a message catch/signal catch I can’t specify that specific id. How do I start a new proces instance (different BPMN file) and keep the current process running. If I use a call activity the proces waits, I just want it to start a different one then keep going with my current proces.

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Hi @kingspallett,

A message/signal has an id as well as a name. For correlation/signalling, only the name is relevant. Does that help? If not, please rephrase the question.



Hi @thorben,

This simple answer does indeed solve my problem, hehe. I just figured the events would correlate by ID as names are usually non-functional. I tested it and what I desired works now. Thanks again.

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