Showing third party tasks in Camunda Tasklist

We are migrating from a different BPM solution to Camunda. We will be using Camunda and the other solution side-by-side for a few months. That’s why it would be great to show the tasks from the other solution in Camunda tasklist.

I saw that it’s possible to write plugins in Camunda tasklist. This plugin looks like it could work for us:
Name: tasklist.list .

Does anyone know whether it would be possible to list 3rd party tasks in Camunda tasklist?

Hi @elif,

Yes, you can develop your own custom plugin as long as the other solution has REST API to communicate with.
But keep in mind that 3rd party tasks will be managed completely by your developed plugin.

I already managed to develop plugins to do work with custom databases.

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Thank you for your reply.

Yes I thought about that part. I won’t be able to show its details on the right, in the details pane. But I could add a link in to task card and they could go to the task by clicking there.