Showing flow as a list



i would like to show future steps in the flow as sort of a list in my mobile app. So that user could see what will happen. I have radically simplified the flow so that its doesn’t have any loops. I wanted to do parsing on android but that’s a bit painful.

What I thought is I could parse it in the backend and spit such a list. So basically I’m not limited to technology.

Would you have any suggestions?

Btw. Is there way to get picture of running instance with token?

thanks, K


There is a way to download an svg, png, jpg, or gif version of a process diagram via the REST interface. You issue an HTTP GET with the appropriate authentication like this:

GET /process-definition/key/myProcess/diagram

You can also get the currently executing activity with:

GET /process-instance/abcdef1-1111-aaaa-bbbb-123456789abc/activity-instances

Once you have that, you’ll have to write an application to display the diagram in its appropriate state.

If you want a list, then you can get the all the information you would need by accessing the process definition:

GET /process-definition/key/myProcess

And get the current history (assuming you’ve got that turned on) with this:

GET /history/process-instance/abcdef1-1111-aaaa-bbbb-123456789abc

Again you’ll have to write an APP to display on all that. Personally, I would write a mobile-friendly web page to this and just use the mobile device’s browser.