Shared Instance Architecture



I’m looking for some advice on a new project which involves having 3 distinct web apps working with a shared camunda instance.

Architecturally, I was aiming at having 3 vanilla web apps (spring boot and reactjs) each with their own BPML diagrams, listeners and such working with a single camunda instance.

I have a few questions regarding this.

(1) Is the above easily achievable? What I don’t want is having to store all the user accounts, bpml models in the camunda engine project. I want each app to have dominion over this.

(2) Is it feasible for a single queue to be used for multiple apps easily? So, if a particular item was of a high priority, it would be handled by one web app or if it was lower priority, it would be picked up by another.

We are using our own custom tasklist (reactjs) for this, I imagine it’s just a case of applying filters, but I was wondering if there was an easily way to configure something like this on the camunda side i.e user groups and queue visibility?

Any code examples or guidance you can offer would be extremely useful