Service Task using Java


Hi all,

I am a bit confused to Camunda BPMN file that, how to process that file using java code?

I have received the task to received input from rabbitmq so I want to call java code from my received task, I didn’t get any useful material who can help me to integrate java code to my first received task.

Welcome, all the suggestion.


Normally you shouldn’t really need to run any code on a receive task as it’s only job is wait for a message and progress the process once that message has arrived. Service Tasks are better suited for running code.

Although if you want to you could add an execution listener to the a receive task, which would run code either before or after the symbol has been executed.


Hi @Niall,

Thanks for the instant reply and your this video tutorial helped me a lot.

Could you please tell me one scenario i.e:
I’m sending one message using any messaging queue to my receive task and the same message will process up to end task. So my question is:

  • Does workflow will get ended? if the task is processed completely or workflow will wait for another request from messaging queue.

  • And how to create a never-ending workflow?

Because might be after completely processed of my first message from start to end, another message will come.