Service task calling external rest endpoint

Hello ,
I want to call external api ( from my service task .
I came across to use connectors and add dependencies in pom.xml.
So do i need to create java project to do so? Or is it possible to add those dependencies directly into modeler?
Kindly help me in this

You’re gonna need to build a project and add the dependency.
Connectors may not be the best way to go about it. You could also write an external task that makes the call or the service task can make the call using a java class.

@Niall thanks for the answer.
(1)Is there any way as of now ( like directly putting the rest endpoint and passing input payload) inside the modeler itself.
(2)If no, can uh share the example of building a project and adding the dependency.
(3) In “point no.2” ,in that case we need to upload .war file or .bpmn file ?
Would really appreciate your valuable feedback on this.

I am also in the same boat as you & keen to know if there is an easier way to call external API from the modeler as we are majorly Microsoft shop.

Hi, If you want to call an external api inside the modeler, as I know the only way is using the connectors.
you can define an input variable named “payload” with Script variable type, like JavaScript and pass the payload parameters inside it.

for example:

var postData = {};