Server Restart (Tomcat8) --> Customization deleted

describes how to add custom scripts / customizing.
We did just that (changed/added files, but no ‘grunt build’).
In a restarted “productive” dev system (7.6.4-ee) all changes made to app/tasklist/scripts/config.js (etc) are deleted.
Local DEV tomcat does not show this behaviour (tomcat restarts do not delete changes).

Any idea what the problem is?


Where did you make the changes? In the WAR file or in the exploded directory?


In the exploded directory.
Probably we will end up in this client project to clone the camunda webapps, make our changes there, then deploy the new WAR file.


A common practice is to build an overlay with Maven, see Then the artifact customization process is fully automated.


Hey @hal
you can see a camunda specific example for what @thorben mentioned here



Thanks Thorben and Felix for your hints. We implemented it that way - works very well