Send Task with Connector and Spring boot


I am using camunda.springboot.version 2.2.0 . When I implement Send task with http-connector , I am getting the exception at the startup, saying
"One of the attributes 'class', 'delegateExpression', 'type', or 'expression' is mandatory on sendTask."

Please suggest a way to implement the send task as http-connector using spring boot.



Can you upload your process model?


Hi @Niall,
Please find the process model attached.


sendconnector.bpmn (4.2 KB)


I was able to deploy this on Camunda 7.7.x without any problems.
What version of camunda are you using?
Is this the only process model you have in your project?


Hi @Niall,
All I am using is camunda-bpm-spring-boot-starter with 2.2.0 version. Here is my pom file. Please verify.


pom.xml (2.7 KB)


That doesn’t really help me too much unfortunately - the versions are parameterized.
But if i was to guess you have two possible issues

  1. You need to save your model - refresh your project and build it again.
  2. Check if you have any other models in your project that might be causing the error.


Hi @Niall,
I just created plain boot project from and updated the pom file with camunda maven dependencies. then added the attached bpmn file. When I started the boot applications, this fails to start.

Attaching the pom and bpmn files.

sendconnector.bpmn (4.2 KB)
pom.xml (2.1 KB)

Please validate



Can anyone help me here?



Hi @subbu
please make sure that you have the correct dependecies to the Connectors in your pom.
As I can see you dont have any dependecy defined in your pom.xml
Have a look at:

You probably need

One more thing:
The exception does not mention it, but your bpmn file should be updated too. You are missing a message for your ReceiveNotification.


Hi @felix-mueller,
Thank you very much for the response. These dependencies seems to be on a spring, not on spring boot. Do we have any boot starter dependencies for this?
I did add the dependency ,


But this dependency is not getting resolved.

Also I am assuming that signal method using the process instance id , should resume the process. Is this a mandate to have the message for the receive activity? I am using a JSON message which contains multiple key value pairs. Based on the key (like count > 0) I am having the conditional flows. Please suggest.