Scanning bpmn files in submodules of a spring boot 2 application


I am developing a runnable jar with an embedded process engine. The application is a spring boot 2 application and comprises multiple modules. I’d like to include the process definitions (.bpmn files) in a module that is not the module that contains the repackager plugin to compose the runnable jar. There is a direct dependency though from the ‘main’ module to the modules that contains the bpmn files. Those are placed in the src/main/resources directory of that module.

The only way I can get this working is by placing the bpmn files in the module that contains the main application class after all. Classpath elements in the other modules are not found.

Can anyone help me gettting this to work? From the documentation I expect it to be possible, but I cannot get this to work.


I assume you use the “EnableProcessApplication” annotation? If so, try to put an empty META-INF/processes.xml file in every module that contains bpmn files. That should trigger the scan.
If it does not work, this is an issue in the spring boot starter and should be reported and fixed.


Thanks for the reply. It works as expected. I had a typo in the name of the processes.xml file that I overlooked for quite some time. Once that was fixed, it just works.