Rpa camunda bridge - execute external task

when i call a package in my uipath called ok. in the cmd appear

https://platform.uipath.com//canvioycgenl/Robot007/odata/Jobs/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.StartJobs: {“message”:“Folder does not exist or the user does not have access to the folder.”,“errorCode”:1100,“resourceIds”:null

but in the uipath plattform i can execute the robot

Hi @Aldo_Ernesto_Salazar,

Could you try to remove the organization unit id from your application.yml and try again?

If that does not help, make sure that your bot is managed in the same folder as you configured in the bridge and that the user used for the bridge has access to this folder. Note: If your bot is in the ‘Default’ folder you can leave this property empty in the bridge config.

Hope that helps,