Restart workflow and and track parent

I am using /process-definition/restart to restart a closed WF (REST-API)
This creates a new workflow with a new UUID at a certain activity.

Management would like to tie together all the broken workflows for a special dashboard.

The Problem is I would like to have some way to reference the old workflow in the new WF without external tables. I thought of some other ways (e.g. sorting by time, has issues too with their setup) but I’m wondering if there is something internal I can use.

I tried to set initialVariables to this: (but got an error - seems to only accept a boolean).
startedFromPPID: {
value: ppid,
type: “String”,
startedFromPDID: {
value: pdid,
type: “String”,

Any other ideas? Thanks.

Hi @lenny_h,

what about using the businessKey for this?

Hope this helps, Ingo

Thanks for the reply,
I use the businesskey already, it would have to be parsed in 100s of places :).

Maybe in the future there should be a memo or other misc field that can associate with a process or task. I guess I could also impose a local variable on each task.