Rest Correlate Message with localVariables for Event Based Gateway


hey there,

the usage of localCorrelationKeys in the [POST] /message Endpoint works great. I simply set the inputVariable in the Properties of the event I want to correlate, so that the variable is in the local scope. On calling the Endpoint, the engine finds the listener and can process the Message. Everything great so far.

But if I use a Event Based Gateway, the usage of localCorrelationKeys does not work for the Rest Endpoint. It wont find the MessageListener when using the correlationKeys.
I am not allowed to set inputVariables on th Gateway and setting the inputVariables in the outgoing Events will not help the engine to correlate the message. Is this Feature just not jet implemented or am I doing sth. wrong?



Hi @tobias.nendel,

you can’t use input parameters on the message events because the events are not occurred yet (i.e. the activity is not entered). The input mapping is applied when the message event occurs.

Why do you need to correlate the message event using local process variables?

Can you use non-local process variables + message name?

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