In my process model, I have a conditional block. When my conditional block is satisfied, I want it to route to an External REST API call and return the output of the REST API call.
I want to print this output of the REST API call.

Can you suggest any tutorials or any suggestions on this topic.

Please upload the process.

How exactly would you like to do this and what have you already tried?

Just print the output to the log?

I have a REST API written in Python…I want the Camunda modeler to integrate with that Rest API and fetch the output of the Rest API.

I am not able to find any tutorials or ideas on this topic…So I want not able to try any method

So you would like to write a process which makes a REST call in python to service and then stores that result in the process instance of a camunda workflow?
Then you can use the external task pattern along with a python external task worker.

Yes exactly…Do you have any tutorials or any sample examples on this. As I am a fresher to Camunda, I am not much exposed to it.
It will be helpful for me, if there are any sample examples or videos.

You can take a look the talk that @Nele did at CamundaCon - That talk a long with the documentation is probably all you need.

Okay thank you so much

If the integration code should be written in Python then the external task pattern described above is the solution. If Java / Spring is an option, then here is an example: