Repetition of a stage with entry criteria (CMMN)


I am trying to repeat a stage based on the workflow of said stage. Meaning the user works on the stage and at one point decides if it is necessary to repeat the stage.

Right now i am trying to accomplish this by setting a variable inside this stage so that the repetition rule evaluates to true. This does not work, it seems the problem is that the repetition rule is only evaluated at creation, so it is not possible to repeat it after the stage goes active.

However it seems to work when the repetition variable is true by case instantiation, but then a new stage instance is created whenever an arbitrary variable is added or changed.

Perhaps a CMMN expert can make sense of this, i cannot. If necessary, i can supply an example with unit test to visualize this problem.


Hello @Transzendental,

It would be helpful to share your diagram and stacktrace/logs if you receive any error.

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My problem originated on a misconception of the functionality of the repetition rule in combination with entry criteria. So there is no longer a problem with camunda in this regard.

However, there seems to be problem with the timing of variable evaluations, when the entry criteria has no connection/on-condition. Something like this:

I would be expecting a infinite loop, when both entry and repetition rule evaluate to true. Instead the newly instantiated task becomes only then active, when an arbitrary variable get changed/added.

I am not sure to what extend this behaviour is intended or if is is a limitation of the engine.

Just my 2 cents, as i have found a solution for my original problem.