Rendering JSON output with tasks list inside Camunda Tasklist App


Hello again,
I’m trying to understand how Camunda is generating a response body in Camuda Tasklist App. I’m talking about rendering all tasks corresponding to chosen filter. I have to do a similar thing in my application. Till now I’m returning TaskDTO, but Camundas response contains also assignee, caseDefinition and process variables. I was looking for your solution in camunda-bpm-webapp-master/tasklist and camunda-engine-rest-core/rest but I can not find the Controller.


//I have foind HAL generators in camunda-engine-rest-core/rest. This is exactly what I need. I have embedded rest API in my application.Is it possible to get HAL responses?


When camunda Tasklist responds with a Filter (/filter endpoint), you can use the accept header application/hal+json, and this is how the task list returns for example the process variables(or local variables) that are defined in the task/process.

you can see the options here:


@StephenOTT Thanks! :slight_smile: