Renaming tasklist plugin is not working

Hi at all,
I copied the code from an example tasklist plugin:
The plugin works fine in my springboot camunda application. However when I try to rename the plugin ID I am getting some problems.
I have the following project structure:

In the “MarvinsPlugin” class I changed the ID of the plugin from “easy-search-plugin” to “new-name”. I also changed the appearance of the plugin id in the plugin.js file and I changed the folder “” to “”.

However when I try to open tasklist I am getting the following error:

When I read the error correct, it seems that the plugin.js of my plugin is not found anymore.

Does anybody know, how to rename the tasklist plugin, without getting thje error?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi there, I dont have an answer, but could you tell me how you integrated the plugin to your camunda app?

Yeah sure:

Under this link I posted how I managed to add the plugin to my camunda app.