Remote catalog is empty message in Eclipse, trying to add Camunda archetypes to Maven


I’m a beginner and following the “Get started” video in the training. In Eclipse when I attempt to add the Camunda archetypes using “Add Remote Catalog” with the catalog file at URL I get a “Remote catalog is empty” error message. I’ve tries several times with the same results. This has me stuck. Any input / suggests are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Are you using a proxy that eclipse may not be aware of?


Niall, thank you for your reply. My eclipse proxy settings are currently at the default values. I’ve reached out to a co-worker who has vast eclipse experience (I’m just starting out) to get his input regarding the probable need to modify my eclipse proxy settings. We are AT&T employees and I suspect a change to the eclipse proxy settings is needed. Thanks again for your reply and pointing me to a possible solution.


Hello, I am also trying to define the remote catalog in eclipse and having exactly the same issue. The point is when I access the url “” from both: an external browser and also de internal Web browser of eclipse I get the list of contents with no problem (so aparently, my eclipse can have access to the remote catalog) but when I try to access the archetype-catalog.xml entry ( ) I get the following response:

_500 - 1ph.cfs 1ph.cfs

May be this the source of the problem?


Same issue on my end! I get the following message when I click on the archetype-catalog.xml entry :

500 - _1ph.cfs _1ph.cfs


I can confirm that we have a temporary problem with our Nexus delivering the archetype catalog. We will fix that on our side and I let you know here once it is done.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Should be working again. Thanks for reporting the error!


It does work again for me! Thanks Christian!


Yes it is working now thanks!


It does work for me too!. Thanks!!!


i’ve got this problem furthermore. I got this message: “Remote catalog is empty” or “No archetypes available for this catalog”. If I take a local one of camunda bpm archetype dowloaded from github, I got the same message “No archetypes available for this catalog”. I have try it with kepler and neon. It works both with maven.

Can somebody help me?



Ive noticed this when behind a corporate firewall. If I swap to a ‘public’ wifi all is good. There are potentially a couple of reasons when behind a corporate firewall;

The corporation firewall breaks open the SSL session and dynamically generates a certificate. This works when the corporaten’s root CA is installed in the browser, however often the JVM certificate store is overlooked.

The firewall does content inspection and just refuses to let the content through when the user agent is not a recognised browser…



i am facing this issue. can someone please look into it?


Seems to load up without any problems for me - your problem could be local.