Redeploy REST API



I am trying to redeploy (7.9) my BPMN file through the Postman but there is no reflection happening.

  1. Deployed the BPMN through Camunda Modeler.
  2. Started the Process Definition
  3. Started the Process Instance
  4. Modified the form key of the User task and tried redeploy but no reflection happening.

Used the following for Redeploy
POST/ “localhost:8080/engine-rest/deployment/35b77aac-6fc4-11e8-98c6-00ff2ddad1b7/redeploy”
“resourceIds” : [“35bb4b3e-6fc4-11e8-98c6-00ff2ddad1b7”],
“resourceNames”: [ “leaveReqApprv-Message.bpmn” ],
“source” : null

Checked the reflection with the following
GET/ “localhost:8080/engine-rest/deployment/35b77aac-6fc4-11e8-98c6-00ff2ddad1b7/resources/35b77aad-6fc4-11e8-98c6-00ff2ddad1b7/data”

Also in Postgresql checked the "act_re_deployment’ the deploy_time is not changed.

Am i missing any step?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @ManoKirSan,

where did you change the formkey?

If you changed it in the modeler, a redeploy will have no effect, because it pulls an older version from the database and puts it on the top of the deployment stack.

You need a new deployment to bring the change in the modeler into the engine.

Cheers, Ingo


Hi @Ingo_Richtsmeier

I changed the formKey in Camunda modeler.

So in case if am making as new deployment of the same BPMN file, then will it go as a new process instance ? Will all my previous requests will be available?



Hi @ManoKirSan,

have a look into the docs about process versioning:

Cheers, Ingo