Questions about form fields design

Hi Folks,

I’m new to Camunda and help our company to evaluate it as the core BPMN tool in order to fulfill the business process requirements. I have a couple of questions regarding the form design. Will be appreciated if any hints. Thanks.

Question 1: Can I use external data for the form fields?
When I start a new process, the first user task is to collect some information to start a new case. For example, we have another CRM system with client information. In the form I want to design a drop list in which all of the client ID are listed and one of them should be selected. The client ID list should come from the external CRM system, either from the database or from the API. Is there a way to design a field like this?

Maybe another smart way is to trigger a new process whenever there is an email from certain address, then the information could be extracted and mapped automatically…But I’m not sure if it’s feasible to trigger the process automatically through the external system.

Question 2: Can I create a case ID based on some rules?
With the step 1, I may want to create a case ID based on some rules, for example, BBA as the client ID, CA as the category, EU as the region, 0109 as the date, 0010 as the incremental case number. Then the ID would be BBACAEU01090010。The question is about the incremental case number. How to make it increasing 1 exactly when I start a new case?

Question 3: Document information extraction
In some cases, we will get the report by email which should be uploaded within one user task. After the document is uploaded, I want to use some technology the recognize some key information from the report, for example, the deadline, the title…etc. I want to have these information displayed on the form so that the user can confirm / modify it. Is there a way to do it?

Answer 1- External system can pass variable while instantiating business process. It can pass form variables. These will be mapped as process variables.