Question about output mappings and event subprocess

Hi All:

My use case is I want to be able to optionally end a process from most tasks. I have implemented it using an event subprocess (a simplified model is here)Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 2.53.36 PM

So when I want to cancel I just set a variable that triggers the conditional event.
In almost all cases in my model it works fine. However if I have a user task with an output mapping, I get an error saying the variable (the variable thats used in the output mapping) does not exist (which makes sense - it doesnt yet). However, I am confused as to how to get around this. I see certain API calls have a skipIOMappings parameter to accomplish this sort of thing, but Im not sure how best to accomplish what I want to do. Any suggestions/advice would be welcome.

You can enable this flag skipOutputMappingOnCanceledActivities for your scenario. This will not map the output variable incase activity is canceled.

Thanks so much! - this is exactly what I was looking for.