Question about output BPMN


Hello everybody,

I have a question about BPMN. I have an activity called: make a planning.
But I have the following problem:

I want it like this (it’s an example):

So what I want to have is an activity with two seperate outputs. A message flow to person C (every week he needs to send the planning to him) and an output to person B. I don’t want to make another activity like “send the planning” , because in my schedule I don’t have enough space for that.

My question is if this is possible. Because, I’m not sure if it is allowed to have two outputs.

I hope you can help me out.



Hey Lion,

it is perfectly fine to have two outputs from one activity.

Although between pools there can’t be a sequenze flow. Your model is correct as you modeled a message flow between the two pools. Still there is a problem. The intermediate time event can’t creat a message flow. That is why you need to have in your solution another activity for sending the inforamtion to person C. I know that you don’t want this extra activity. But from my point of view that is the way if you want to follow the BPMN standard.

Another option would be to send for each process instance the information to Person C. Then you don’t need to creat an extra activity

I hope this answer helps you.


Hello Nele,

Thanks for your reaction. I liked especially your first option. Based on your schedule I made an example:

Is this allowed?



Hey Lion,

that looks fine to me. Just make sure that you use end events after the activities “send information” and “take a shower”. End events have a thicker line than start events. You can see them in my models above.



Hi Nele,

Thanks for your reaction and tips!