Process start in spring boot console but in cockpit not starting

we use spring boot with embedd camunda.the application is run but when i start process with start process tab the notification is:
the process is start but in cockpit it is not starting.
please help me!

In your BPMN model while designing it have you selected the checkbox startable in the properties panel section?

yes.both startable and executable are selected!

Can you provide complete stack trace of server log

start processc53c05a0-c671-11e9-8c13-024200d25224
say hello Task_say_hello:c53cc8f2-c671-11e9-8c13-024200d25224
2019-08-24 17:49:15.425 INFO 6000 — [nio-8080-exec-4] c.e.c.D.ServiceTask.SayByeDelegate : processKey start processDefinitionId Process_test:1:a036a2a5-c671-11e9-8c13-024200d25224

the process is started and java delegate classes call as show as above


thanks for answers.i solved it.
i put a wait between two service tasks.