Process instance data import and export


Hi All,

Is it possible to export the actual process instance data like state, variables and so on.

After that I want to import this data again in order the process can continue from the point it stopped.

I am working with the Embedded and Standalone Architecture defined here:

Is it possible to the Camunda Process Engine (in Java) export the process instance data in JSON format?
It would be perfect for the situation too. Then it would be also possible to instantiate a new process and load the data into this new process instance through the process engine.


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Digitally signed or sealed process task data

Hi Joao,

Why do you need this? What is your goal?

Maybe you can suspend the process instance and activate it later when you need it:

Depending on what kind of process instance data do you need. However you could check this rest endpoint:

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Hi Yana,

thank you very much for your feedback.

Well, I would not like to have the whole Camunda environment, specially the database. I am interested in the Process Engine working as a lightweight process engine.

I am storing data using the Blockchain technology and there is no JDBC. It can store/read data only in JSON format. If the data are outside the Blockchain, it is not trustable and the Blockchain Architecture fails.

The idea is to store the process instance data and load it again when needed to continue the process from the point it stopped.

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