Process Instance Authorizations


I’m very new to Camunda. Therefore, please apologize if this is a silly question to ask.
I created a user role and grant ALL permission in Process Instance Authorizations for the particular role.

However, when I login through a user who is assigned the above user role and try to start a process Camunda gives me an error msg

The user with id ‘FinUsr1’ does not have ‘CREATE’ permission on resource ‘ProcessInstance’

However, when I include the userID into Process Instance Authorizations, the user can start the process. Is this an issue or did I do something wrong?

Hi @damybe,

I think you mixed up the process definition key process_1 with the process instance id (some generated value).

If you want to restrict a user to work only with a single process model, you have to provide the authorization under ‘Process Definition’ with your process definition key process_1. The process instance id is unpredictable and usually isn’t entered in Admin.

Hope this helps, Ingo