Process input parameters



I have a process which has a Call Activity which calls an external subprocess.
On the Call Activity I can define In Mapping to specify what variables I pass to the subprocess.
Is it possible to impose validation in the subprocess to make sure that certain variables were passed to the subprocess? Can Camunda validate this on Deployment? If not, at least at process runtime?

Thank you


Exactly how did you define your “In Mapping” on the Call Activity? Do you use the Delegate Variable Mapping field of the Call Activity? If so, what did you enter there?

Can you implement your validation in a Delegate Variable Mapping?


I am trying to code as little as possible because the workflows we are designing will be subject to change and reuse. I do the mapping in the BPMN diagram directly (when I select the call activity and switch to Variables tab).
So what I am trying to do is validate in the external subprocess that the Call activity really passed the variables.

But this is also a good idea - to have the validation in delegate code because we don’t expect the subprocesses (building blocks) to change that often.

Or perhaps I can have a script task to do the validation if I don’t want to code Java.

Thank you