Process doesn't start

hello, i am not able to make start the process flow.
These are the step that i going to do after the eclipse compilation:

  • on the modeler i push play button and a window open signal me that i can see the process application in the cokpit

  • i can see in the cockpit that the process is already instanced.

  • in the tracklist i play “start process”, and the process start (lol)… but when i back to cockpit… there’s nothing… so is like if the process doesnt’t start.

sorry for my language. Have you any idea about why ?? i use an opensource version.

Hey @Gae919,

So in Cockpit you can see that the process is deployed? But you can’t see the instance you have started with the play button?

I guess that could have various reasons. How does your process look like? Maybe it ended already?

hi !

yes the process is deployed, and of course as you say i can’t see the instance after i begin the process with play button.
The process is the same that NIall made on the tutorial for developer that is possible visit on youtube.

Which one ^^Niall did so many?

If it is this one:

You won’t see the active instance in your process, because it is a single threat and the instance has finished already. Try to include a usertask after your service task. Then you should be able to see a token waiting at the user task.

Thank you Nele !

the video is that one, yes.
So i have a question, why he can view the instance in the cockpit after that he lunch start process in tracklist???

History view is an enterprise feature :roll_eyes: … and Niall uses in his demo an Enterprise version of Camunda.

thank you thank you !!! sorry, but i always want to clearify my doubts and this was one of it. Forgive me are only 3 day that i work on camunda !!!

No worries! We are here to help you. And to be fair it can be confusing if you watch a tutorial and then you miss features if you try it out!

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