Prebuild plugins/linter-rules into the Camunda Modeler

Hello everyone!

I have a question about the Camunda Modeler plugins.
I have cloned the Git repository of the Camunda Modeler v4.6.0 and would like to pre-install the linter plugin with an additional ruleset. So that other colleagues can easily adopt the “new version” of the modeler without having to set up the ruleset themselves.

I was able to install the plugin and create the modeler, but the plugin doesn’t seem to be integrated in the final build. (dist folder → camunda-modeler-4.6.0-win-x64 , in my case)
Further, when I open the build on another Windows device, the plugin task doesn’t even show at the top menu bar anymore. Another thing, which is less problematic but could hint to a problem, is that the Camunda logo isnt shown anymore. Instead I have an Electron logo.

I found and enjoyed the “Extending the Camunda Modeler for Fun and Profit (CamundaCon 2019)” video as well. Its a really amazing introduction to plugins but doesn’t cover the prebuild - topic.

Does anyone have an idea or a hint for me to solve this problem?