Pass file as input of startform

This is my start form

How can i pass value from postman to start this process,
As i can see in documentation
This is what is given: " For variables of type File the value has to be submitted as Base64 encoded string."

But can anyone give example that would be great

Because when i pass file in base64,
I get this error

This is the documentation:
And i see that we have to pass 3rd param valueInfo, but if i could get help
with values of objectTypeName and serializationDataFormat that would be great

This worked for me
“INVOICE_DOCUMENT” : { “value” : “YWIsY2QsZWYsZ2gsaWosa2w=”, “type” : “File”, “valueInfo”:{“filename”:“somefile.csv” } }

But was curiois about other variables of valueInfo

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