Parallel tasks with a timeout


in my process I got two tasks that can take place in parallel -
Approval1 and Approval2 after 24hr if both are not completed, need to send an alert to user, and go back to wait for those two approvals. and same after another x hr.

The start of the process looks as following -

Need a way to send alert after 24hr that they are not both completed and then wait for the state exactly in the same state - in case one of them is approved it should stay approved


One other point - one alert is being sent for both. notifying on both in case they are missing, in case only one the notification should include one


A timer boundary event around an embedded subprocess should do the trick. Something like this:


Thanks. and after the alerts it needs to continue doing the two parallel ones. possible one of them is completed.


The boundary event is non-interrupting so that’s exactly the behavior of the model i’ve posted.