Packaging cockpit in a standalone app without embedded ProcessEngine or with embedded process engine unusable for process deployment



I understand reading this that a process-engine is embedded in the “standalone” webapp

Is it possible to prevent this process engine to accept any deployment ?

What I’d like to do is:

  • run, let say, a dozen containers deployed on Kubernetes and running Process Engine embedded in a Spring Boot app and sharing the same DB

  • and run, let say, 3 containers with the cockpit web app to manage them and I don’t want these containers to run any processes.

If the answer is yes , then my next question is how :slight_smile:? knowing that any other alternative or hint to reach the described goal is welcome

thx a lot


Hi @fck,

inside the war is an application-context.xml to configure the process engine same as for database:

By default, the job executor is disabled, so the engine won’t execute any activities from processes, that exists in the database.

Hope this helps, Ingo


Thanks a lot Ingo, it helps.