Optimize fails to register plugin



I’m trying to develop a custom sign on plugin for Optimize as per:

When starting Optimize with the custom plugin there is an error message:
o.c.optimize.plugin.PluginProvider - cannot register [MyPlugin]

There is no stack trace associated or other log that could indicate what went wrong. The log level is set to Trace. Any idea how to debug this further ?



HI @eleco

happy to hear that you are trying to make a single sign on plugin work with Optimize.
To support you, I have some more questions:

  1. Which Optimize version are you using?
  2. You are pointing to the “develop” technical guide, you might want to use https://docs.camunda.org/optimize/2.3/technical-guide/plugins/single-sign-on/ if you are using Optimize 2.3 as 2.4 will be released only this week.
  3. Can you share your Plugin Java Class and also your environment-config?



thanks @felix-mueller - plugin is loading now - issue was with the structure of the jar.